Wholehearted Business: Libre Tea

I had the absolute pleasure of collaborating creatively with Libre Tea for their first Wholehearted Business session!

What is Libre Tea?!

The short answer being - just about the most amazing tea glasses that I have ever used!  

Technically, the idea behind them is for loose leaf tea on the go - and it definitely works wonders for this purpose.  But personally, I have found so many more uses for it!

I love to put fresh fruit with water in mine, or fresh pressed juices (without the pulp getting in my way) - and NOW they have just come out with a MatchaGo cup for Matcha Tea!! 
(lol! can you feel my excitement?! - Im a newbie Matcha drinker, but so far I LOVE it.

Take a peek at their website, on Facebook  or Instagram to see tons of great uses, videos, and ways to connect to the Libre Tea community for your own #teamoments :)

For this session, we needed to encompass and capture the lifestyle of Libre Tea. 
As some of you may know, the weather on the west coast of BC is very unpredictable in February, so the day before our scheduled shoot (which called for torrential rains) - it was bright, and beautiful and WARM so we had to go for it - we rescheduled the session on a whim to capture that warmth and sun.  Thank goodness we did, the next day was black, dark and wet out :(!

Id like to send a HUGE thank you to our models and Libre Tea lifestyle followers: Georgia Cyr (Blissful Yoga) and Shayla, Chris and the kids !  You guys made this so easy for me as all I needed to do was capture you, being yourselves.  

And I also have to add - I don't think I've ever seen a more manly way to drink tea! Chris, you may be starting a new trend... !!

But really, I think its safe to say, the kiddos stole the show completely. Especially when little H decided to test out the durability on the rocks! (very durable, for the record.. lol!)

And another big thank you to Wendy Weir and Violette Alaouze for allowing me to capture the Libre Life!  Looking forward to our next session :)

I will leave you with this gorgeous sunset at the end of our session, on a fabulous February day on the Sunshine Coast! .. (you guys remember the sun, right?)

We really are living the dream over here :)