Wholehearted Business: La Petite Souris Chocolate

When you think of the top 10 things that make you instantly happy, how high does chocolate make it on the list?  

Like - REALLY GOOD chocolate.. the kind that satisfies all your senses at once - that can take you out of that funk just by breaking off a piece and letting it melt in your mouth.  The kind that can surprise you with its underlying flavours and aromas. Mmmmmm....

WELL! This just so happens to be the kind that La Petite Souris Chocolate creates daily!  

The self care trend is catching on quickly (thank goodness!), and most people may instantly think of expensive vacations, or spa visits that will do the trick - but did you ever think that the simple pleasures of chocolate could hold the cure?  

Something that really intrigued me about Amber and La Petite Souris was her passion to create amazing chocolate that soothes the soul.  I have been gifted a few of her beautifully packaged treats in the last few months and can honestly say I instantly felt happier once I ate them... OK - I felt a little less happy when I couldn't stop myself from devouring the entire box.. LOL!! but you know what I mean. ;) 

What if chocolate was clinically proven to cure most of our Monday blues, or Tuesday overwhelm, or the midweek Wednesday slump...  See where this is going? :P And what if we had to follow strict prescriptions for these everyday ailments?? 
I know I'd wait 2 hours at that appointment for sure!!  (as long as there were free samples in the waiting room of course ;)

I am really looking forward to seeing the new website and vision come to life for La Petite Souris! Thank you Amber and her gorgeous staff for playing with me and embodying the vision completely.  Take a peek and let us know how you feel about the look!

You can find La Petite Souris Chocolate at 4-626 Shaw Road, Gibsons, BC. 
Check them out on Facebook and Instagram too!

PS> Thank you to Sabrina Samy from Shy Beauty for the beautifying!!