Week 29: Don't leave your life choices to your hairstylist...

...because that is just waaaaay too much pressure for a 2 hour hair appointment! ;) lol!

read on...

Week 29 of 52...  New hair, new lease on life.  right?  

A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.
— Coco Chanel

I've cut my hair dramatically quite a number of times, does that mean Ive changed my life just as many times? 
But Im not one to leave big decisions such as changing my life to my hair stylist - even though, she's never steered me wrong yet!

Maybe I am changing my life - but change can be a scary word for some - even me.  I don't necessarily love change, because with change comes uncertainty, and with uncertainty comes doubt, and doubt is the killer of moving forward. 
...not really the ideal thought process.

So instead, I am a believer in choices and timing.

The right timing.  Not forced timing.

Trusting in my choices and not worrying about the "what if's" but instead, being curious about my options and letting my natural internal reactions of yes or no lead the way.  Its a powerful tool that has lead me places I would never have dared go before.

The "Expansion and Contraction" method - as explained by my friend Leah Goard is, essentially, allowing yourself to get crystal clear on your top two options for any decision, and then allowing those options to sit within you and see how you feel.  Does one make you feel instantly tense, or does it allow your breath to return to normal?  Maybe one option makes you feel giddy and excited, or does it suck all the joy from your being? 
Taking time to make decisions is ok - and should probably be practiced more often than we think.  

**Updated! see link below for video**

Click this link to see Leah's PowherTalk!

Don't get me wrong - I struggle with this "new way" of thinking daily. It's way easier to just do what I have always done and stay in a non-decision mode - or, better yet- stew in my thought process until the very last moment and then blurt out my response... both are not really that effective.

But trusting is believing, and then seeing the result of my own trust is proof enough to keep doing it.  Even when it SUCKS big time.  
(Anyone else want to quit this whole being an adult thing sometimes??)

So this month I am putting every ounce of trust into how I feel and allowing my inner decision maker to help guide my way.  It means I need to say no to some people who I may not have normally, and it means I need to believe in what I am working on, and keep pushing forward.  All with as much grace as I can muster :)  

I encourage you to do the same.  

And make sure to practice Leah's method for decisions, even on the small ones like- "what do I want to eat" or - "what do I feel like wearing" lol.. it actually works.  And later - when the big ones come along, you'll be ready and waiting :)


PS. I had way too much fun taking these self portraits last week.  You can view the rest of them here: http://lindynwilliams.pass.us/20151202sppweek29

PPS- If you're local to the Sunshine Coast - my stylist, Karyn Swanson, works out of Hair Matters in Sechelt!  Don't wait to call because she's usually booked solid a month in advance.. Tell her I sent you ;) also - **disclosure** I did my own hair for this shoot... the cut and colour are all her though ;)