Self Portraits: Week 28

Fern Friends • Beauty • Self love

Week 28 could have been one of those "inspired imperfect actions" perhaps, or maybe I just really loved my new jacket, and felt my lip colour was on point.. whatever it was, I felt the need to document in the forest - so I went with it.

What I do know for sure is I felt beautiful, snuggling up to my fern friends - sitting on the damp earth in silence, hanging out with Me..

Something I want to admit about these self portraits, is how much I obsessed over them in the beginning.  I wanted them to be perfect - and, in my mind, I accomplished exactly what I set out to do at that moment - so, to me it was a success.

What I didnt realize the power of (until now) was the power of just being, and forgetting the camera was set up.  Sitting in the forest, loving how I feel in my body, not paying attention to any other noises and distracting thoughts - but instead.. laughing outloud with myself, because - Im hilarious and weird and who sits in the middle of a park taking photos of themselves.. :P  

Self portraits are transformative for me.. each one unique and different and serving a different purpose for my life in that moment.

If ever you have the chance to document yourself through portraits, or selfies - please do.  Try to let your guards down, and realize - you dont need to take yourself so seriously.. its just you.