Instagram Visual Strategy + Planning


I want to help you connect to your online communities in a way that is true to you.  I will guide you 1 on 1 to find your style, create/curate beautiful images, and simplify your Instagram strategy.  

This package is best suited for solopreneurs who are on their own when it comes to running their business successfully!  I can't wait for the day we can all have personal assistants who do those tedious tasks for us but until then, it's just you (and I am totally right there with ya!)  I will help you gain more time in your days to do what you love, rather than think about what your next Instagram post will be about.  I offer my support and community to those who are navigating through online marketing and are looking to do it better.

In this 4 week program you and I will work together via email and video chat to create a process that works for you, your business, and your lifestyle - while creating a beautiful Instagram account you can be proud to show off.

I believe Instagram is a great place to start your social media marketing.  It's user-friendly platform and the ability to share to directly Facebook & other sites is kinda like a 2 birds, 1 stone deal. Efficiency is totally my jam!

Time is precious, especially if you're like me - raising a family, running a household, building a business + trying to remain sane through it all.  My strength is seeing what you need and meeting you half way with information, support and creative solutions.  

What you get:

  • 4 weeks of 1 on 1 guidance + support to finding your visual style, collecting your content, and a strategy to implement it all.
  • Weekly emails with lessons, PDF guides + worksheets all easily digestible and can be completed within an hour tops (majority of people complete their tasks between 20-25mins per lesson)
  • Insights + tools to be able to track your progress as you go to know what your audience + online community is most interested seeing from you.
  • A polished, yet totally approachable Instagram account you can be proud to promote your business with.
  • You will use my worksheet prompts to dig deep into what you're all about while I set up your visual style using a scheduling program for Instagram to match! (With instructions on how to continue it in the future)  I will pre-schedule 2 -3 weeks of posts with caption prompts, 30 hashtags to get you started, and a simple pattern to follow that you and I have agreed upon.
  • AND more! ;) 

This 4 week program is currently offered at $1750 CAD* and is available to all solopreneurs residing anywhere in North America with wifi! 

(*payment plans are available for those who qualify)

Interested?  Click the button below and apply for your FREE Instagram review!  I will go over what you have so far and offer my advice moving forward.  


Business Branding Photography Sessions


 Building your business from the ground up takes courage, heartache, some major decision making, perfecting and a never ending love/hate relationship for the process.  ... Am I right?

But now you've got it up and running - and it has grown into something pretty amazing and you'd like to be able to share more images online and continue to evolve with your clients and customers.  You also might have started your own business social media accounts to help promote yourself and your business, but you'd love a little help in that area too.

This is where I come in!

Whether you teach health and wellness to others, instruct a new skill, spread joy through music, motivate others through strategic coaching or public speak to those who need to hear your message - you need to be able to communicate your love for what you do in a way that speaks to your ideal customer and tribe. 

My goal is to provide my fearless solopreneurs with the tools and images they need to propel their businesses to the next level.  These photos can be used in a variety of ways, and I will show you how.

The "Single Headshot" Photography Session: $150/portrait sitting

What is included:

  • Pre-set dates, time slots + location (inquire for upcoming dates in your area!)
  • 30 minute session, 15 minute shoot + 15 minute consult to choose your images to be finished.
  • 1 outfit
  • Headshot images priced separately based on how many you choose:
    First 1-3 images = $35 each
    4 or more = $20 each (after first 3)
  • Retouched (color corrected, blemishes etc) Images delivered via cloud based online gallery

I will be offering professional headshot sessions throughout the year on predetermined dates + locations.  This short session is great for those looking to update their website, new business cards, & update social media profile images. 

Click the inquire button below to see when my next dates will be!


The "Kick-Starter" Solopreneur Photography Session: $750

What is included:

  • Pre-session questionnaire to get to know you and your business
  • 1 hour photography session
  • 2 outfits, 1 location
  • Headshot images, mixed with some detail focused images to get you started with your social media marketing goals, your website launch, and/or business cards etc.
  • Full "cloud" based online gallery with a minimum (there's always more!) of 10 High Resolution images to be used as you wish for your online marketing, website, promos, etc.
  • E-book outlining step by step how to get the most use out of your Wholehearted Session Gallery of images on your Instagram + Facebook pages.

This session is made for those who are just starting out, but are needing to up their visual style + strategy sooner than later.  These images will carry you until you need a full Wholehearted Entrepreneur session and are ready to step your visual brand up to the next level.  Click the button below to send your inquiry!


The "Level Up" Solopreneur Photography Session: $1750

What is included:

  • Pre-session questionnaire to get to know you and your business
  • 3 hour photography session to capture your vision
  • 2-3 outfit changes & 2 locations to maximize variety in your images
  • Custom stock images created with your focus in mind, whether that is your blog, website, social media or mail outs - the end goal is to create a well rounded and varied gallery that will be useful on many platforms throughout the year.
  • E-book outlining step by step how to use your Wholehearted Session Gallery to its full potential on your Instagram and Facebook pages.
  • Full "cloud" based online gallery with a minimum (there's always more!) of 50 High Resolution images to be used as you wish for your online marketing, website and promotions.

This session is made for those who have already had professional headshots done in the past, and who are ready to level up their entire visual brand and have great images that explain their story, what they do, and who they do it for. 

These images will tell a cohesive visual story, and can be used in all areas of marketing your business.  

Not sure which is best for you? No problem! I am great at finding the best fit for you, the only step you need to take is reaching out!  Click the button below to get started.


Take a peek at my Featured On page to see how my solopreneurs are using their photos online.

Wholehearted Woman Discovery Photography Session


  Others may view us as powerful, wonderful, caring, giving, emotional, thoughtful, inspiring, and YES - even AMAZING.  And what do we do? We often shrug these words off to use them for someone else besides ourselves.  It's an automatic reaction that we have the power to change.

What if we used took some of these words and tried them on in front of a mirror?  What would you see?

Would we get a glimpse into the vision of ourselves that our loved ones see, our best friends know to be true, and even our acquaintances can clearly see?

That's what I am here to do with you. To give yourself the time and space to be seen as beautiful, stunning, and unique. To have the solid proof that what you have to offer is worth sharing to others every day. 

These Wholehearted Sessions are - on the surface - a great time, full of laughs, fun and self discovery.  And just beneath all of that lies some glorious information that only you can tap into.  Information that will lift you up on the days that you might be feeling less than and remind you of the power you have in this world, especially your world.

At this point..are you thinking "WOW, this sounds great.. but maybe not for me.." ??

Is that little voice popping up telling you you're too old, or too big, or too plain or whatever it might be trying to convince you of!?

Go ahead and tell that voice to politely piss off!  

The time is now to reclaim your feeling of worthiness and allow yourself to be seen in a way that makes you feel amazing.  These are for YOU.

What does your Wholehearted Journey entail?

This is a photography session catered around who you are as a woman. My goal is to document you in ways that the traditional portrait photographer would not - ways that convey who you are without using words. I gently direct you to look your best while capturing that emotion that is waiting to be seen. I love movement, wind, moody skies, textures and colours.  Be prepared to move, dance, shimmy and twirl ;)

I use my art and creativity to deliver a unique experience that uplifts, and ultimately reminds you that you are worthy of great things, especially love.  

I will ask you some questions about your life and what you love, and I will also allow you to relax and breathe.  My goal is for you to feel your best and capture you in a way that is authentic to you.

This session includes:

  • Pre-session questionnaire booklet to help me get to know you (and you to rediscover you too!)
  • 2 hour Wholehearted Session in a picturesque west coast location.
  • 2 outfit changes (styling help is definitely available and encouraged!)
  • 1 matted 5x7 art print of your favourite shot from your session
  • Full online gallery of all the best photos from your session



Interested in modelling for me?  I plan creative shoots with other amazing & talented artists in the community from time to time and we are always looking to source new REAL women who are looking to step out of the box and play.  Send me a note on my contact page if you'd like to be added to my list!