Before we get to the video, I want to take a second to CELEBRATE a big day!!  I hosted a Headshot Photography Day to a fantastic and empowered group of local womenpreneurs and had such a blast. 

I wanted to create a day of short and sweet photography appointments dedicated to making my clients look and feel amazing, and provide them with a few great images of themselves - aka, the dreaded headshots! :P  I brought on my amazing makeup artist, Tanya and a kick ass hair stylist - Rhea to enhance not only my clients' natural beauty - but to give them the lux experience of being pampered too!   

My beautiful friend Katherine and her mum, Jane were our gracious hosts for the day at their place in Langdale.  (Check out their brand new adorable airbnb - Ty Gwyn - English Cottage Suite <3  Definitely recommend if you need a spot to stay over at on the coast!)

If you're reading this now thinking "I WANT THAT!!!" and you’d like to know about the next day of headshots that I will be hosting add your email to the bottom of this blog post! (you'll see where!)

So, on the subject of headshots... I did make a quick video last year that I never published until now! It's not perfect, but IMHO- self portraits shouldn't be! Which is kind of a nice reminder to myself that I need to hit post more often, and worry less.  (This is my goal for the 100 day project currently happening in my Instagram Stories! Check it out daily!)


In this video I go over how to take a great "headshot" image of yourself to update your Instagram or Facebook Profile photo.  So often we forget that people need to actually see our faces to be able to connect fully to what we're all about.  Do you have your face as your current profile pic??

A great social media profile image will set you a part instantly - AND allow your followers to see the face behind the words.  I find myself scrolling through new Instagram accounts just looking for selfies if their own face isn’t their profile image. I like to know I’m following real people, not curated accounts with the purpose to sell me something.  I also LOVE a good back story - don’t you?

If you choose to use your logo as your profile pic - keep in mind you should show your face in your posts about every 9-12 posts or so.  Most people would prefer not to show their face on their feeds THAT often, so try having it in your profile instead!

Heres the video!! Keep in mind when I say "camera" I really mean iPhone :)

Let me know what you think! Tag me if you post any of your new profile pics!!