Instagram vs. Reality

I’d like to think I can see through the bull shit when I see it - or hear it.  Instagram is such a funny place to hang out, because it’s full of BS, people trying to sell me things, people trying to pretend all you have to do in life is to “quit your job and travel the world!”…  And believe me, after a while of seeing these beautiful posts - I begin to believe it.   


I feel myself get tired of never having enough.  Time, money, patience… you name it.  It seems like some people I follow have amazing 6 or 7 figure incomes that they created for themselves (from nothing!), while spending months away on sabbaticals and letting their “dream teams” run the show.  They make it seem SO attainable and that if I just reach out and grab it, it can be mine too.  Heck, maybe they’re right.  Maybe I’m not trying hard enough…


But then life-altering events happen to those I love, and all that BS I was just talking about has to take a back seat. 


Instead of worrying about why I don’t make 6 figures, I am worrying if my friend will survive  yet another brain surgery to hug her family tight again.

And instead of wishing I could book the next flight somewhere exotic to escape, I am wishing I could evaporate the mass that is causing her life to turn upside-down with my positive thoughts and prayers.


This session with Chelsea in her mama’s back yard seemed small, but it was big. 

We both felt the weight of the last year shift into something lighter. 

Now was the time to get started, there’s no reason to wait.

This woman is on a mission to serve her talents to her community through her art, yoga, movement, and story.  Thanks to her experience, she doesn’t have the luxury of whining about a false reality on Instagram.  Instead, she’s busting her butt to achieve big things NOW.  Now that she has been given more time.

To follow along Chelsea’s journey, check out her instagram @ccardart.  She is a ridiculously talented woman especially with a paint brush, a yoga mat, or a cup of tea and an old couch.  (ok, that last one is only if you’re her bestie..but still!)

Also - if you fall into an Instagram wormhole - send me a DM.  I’m probably doing the same thing and I could use something to snap me out of it!  It’s ok when you dig in to a juicy account full of amazing advice, stories and connection - it’s not ok if you’re starting to doubt if anything you post.