Hi, my name is Lindyn and I want to tell you about what I love.


I love adapting, learning and growing with my work and my family.  I feel inspired every day to share what I know, and learn from those around me.  We are all experts in some form or another - we just don't know it yet.

And on the other hand, I can physically feel my discomfort when something changes that I wasn't anticipating, or when I feel like others are deciding my life for me. UGH! not a fan. 

I'm accepting that this is life.  And why not make the best of what we DO have control over right now?  We decide who we interact with, how we choose to feel that day, or where we want to spend our time online.

I am fascinated by all things that make us feel connected and included - especially with Instagram.  It's no longer just an app for kids to play with, this is a powerful social tool to connect to your world of people just like you.

I LOVE real connection, genuine laughter, raw emotion, and above all - inspiring others to dig deep to understand how valuable they really are in this world.  
I have a deep respect for those who own their talents and faults and believe in themselves and push hard to do what they love every day.

I partner up with empowered women, connected couples and savvy female entrepreneurs whose calendars are jam packed with equal parts business engagements, family time, and self love time (aka ME time!)

I am SO lucky to have my 2 kiddos, our dog Jayda and a kick ass partner who literally just built us a house with his own two hands behind me as my support.  YEP! Pretty happy girl over here!!

Thank you for your patience as I set up my new website and offerings! It's HAPPENING!!